The everything guide to the US Passport application process

Bizarre Travel Superstitions from Around the World

For generations, travel was a hazardous undertaking. Consequently, many superstitions grew up around it. Such superstitions often have to do with the act of traveling, but some have been inspired by certain destinations. Superstitions About Traveling Unlucky numbers Many cultures believe in unlucky numbers.[…]

The Best Time to Renew Your Passport is Now!

If you want to travel internationally, one thing you need is a valid passport. While everyone knows this, it’s very easy to let your passport expire (or forget about the 6-month validity rule). Many prospective trips have been ruined when the would-be travelers realized[…]

How to Change Your Name on Your Passport

So you went ahead and got married and you want to use your new married name on your passport, or maybe you got divorced or maybe you had your name legally changed. For whatever reason, it’s best to keep your documents up to date[…]

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