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Passport Agency Covid-19 Update – August 2020

Last Updated on November 12, 2020

As the economy starts moving forward and things start to return to semi-normal, questions about travel are one of the leading search trends right now. In times like this it’s good to have all the information you can before you book that international trip. First thing you need to consider if you are going out of the country is your passport. If you do not have a passport or need to renew it there are a few things to keep in mind before booking that trip. The number one thing is time, that is to say it will take longer then usual to get a passport.

The State Department had to make a significant reduction in the number of passports they would be able to process back in March 2020 due to Covid-19. This included all expedited applications other than those for life or death emergency situations. Now that the economy has opened a bit more the State Department has stated to reopen in phases. On August 3rd 2020, the State Department posted that there were now 6 agencies and center in phase 2 and 12 that are in phase one. However, expedited services have not returned so if you are trying to book a trip keep in mind that for a renew by mail service you are looking at 3-4 weeks and for a New applicant you can expect to wait 8-10 weeks. Keep in mind this can go faster or slower depending any number of things. The State Department cant give an exact time for passport completion as there is still the instability that is caused by Covid-19.

Here is a list of Agencies open in Phase 1 and Phase 2

Entered Phase One on Monday, August 3

Dallas Passport Agency

El Paso Passport Agency

Entered Phase One on Wednesday, July 1

San Juan Passport Agency

Entered Phase One on Friday, June 19

Entered Phase One on Monday, June 15

Honolulu Passport Agency

Entered Phase One on Thursday, June 11

Arkansas Passport Center

Chicago Passport Agency

Colorado Passport Agency

Detroit Passport Agency

Minneapolis Passport Agency

National Passport Center

New Orleans Passport Center

Philadelphia Passport Agency

Entered Phase Two on Monday, July 27

Washington Passport Agency

Entered Phase Two on Monday, July 13

Vermont Passport Agency

Entered Phase Two on Monday, July 6

Boston Passport Agency

Buffalo Passport Agency

Connecticut Passport Agency

New York Passport Agency

If you secure that passport and are ready to move forward with your travel plans it is also important to remember there is a pandemic and CDC guidelines should be followed. Also keep in mind the Department of State does not recommend travel unless necessary and be sure to check all the travel guidelines of which ever country you are traveling to. One last thing to keep in mind is your return home as most US states have mandatory quarantines in place when returning from most countries.

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