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Online Passport Renewal is Now a Reality

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Starting in June 2024, the Department of State is finally allowing passport renewals to be done completely online. In addition to the program being a “Beta” and having limited availability, there are a few requirements that applicants must meet in order to be able to use the new renewal system.

  • The passport you are renewing is or was valid for 10 years, and you are age 25 or older. 
  • The passport you are renewing was issued between 2009 and 2015, or over 9 years but less than 15 years from the date you plan to submit your application. 
  • You are not changing your name, gender, date of birth, or place of birth.
  • You are not traveling internationally for at least 8 weeks from the date you will submit your application. We will only offer routine service during this limited release, and the time it takes to get a passport will be the same as renewing by mail. 
  • You are applying for a regular (tourist) passport. You cannot renew a special issuance (diplomatic, official, service) passport online.
  • You live in the United States (either state or territory). You do not qualify to renew online if you live in a foreign country or have an Army Post Office (APO) or Fleet Post Office (FPO) address.
  • You have your passport with you, and it is not damaged or mutilated, and you have not previously reported it as lost or stolen. Keep your most recent passport and do not mail it to us. 
  • You can pay for your passport using a credit or debit card.
  • You can upload a digital passport photo.
  • You are aware that the passport you are renewing will be canceled after you submit your application and you cannot use it for international travel.

This new renewal portal started as an executive order in 2021 regarding implementing a new passport renewal system and 2-1/2 years later we finally have a look at the new procedures.

Applicants that meet these requirements and want to use the new online renewal portal should head over to this page at the Passport Agency. 


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