New Passport Form DS-11 – Use this form for new passport applications and child passport applications. It is the longest and asks the most questions of all the passport forms:

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Passport Form DS-64 – Use this form if you need to get a replacement passport because your was damaged, lost, or stolen.

Passport Renewal Form DS-82 – Use this form to renew a passport. Previous passport must have been issued with a 10-year validity and must not have expired less than 5 years ago.

Parental Consent Form DS-3053 – Use this passport form when applying for a minor child and one parent is not able to be present when applying.

Adding Passport Pages Form DS-4085 – If you need to add additional pages to your existing passport, use this form.

Name Changes and Printing Errors Form DS-5504 – Use this passport form when you need to change your name or there was a printing error with your existing passport (e.g. wrong name).