Throughout the year processing times for routine service have historically been four to six weeks. In the spring and summer there are longer processing times. Because of Covid-19, the processing times are much longer! To avoid longer processing times before your travel date creeps up on you, apply for your passport now.

Update: Because of COVID-19, processing times are taking approx. 10-12 weeks.

Processing Times:

  • Routine Service: Because of covid-19: 10-12 weeks; Historically: 4-6 weeks in the fall and summer (4-8 weeks in the spring and summer)
  • Expedited Service- Because of Covid-19: 4-6 weeks; Historically: 2-3 weeks Door to Door (Available from the Department of State)
  • In-Person Visit to a Passport Agency – Must have proof of travel within 72 hours. Expediting companies not allowed to process passports because of Covid-19.

Please remember when calculating processing times, passport cards are not shipped using overnight delivery. All passport cards are returned using First Class Mail.

It takes 5-7 days for applications to be tracked online. It may take less time if you paid for Expedited Service and sent your application via overnight delivery.