The everything guide to the US Passport application process

How to Get a Passport

Complete do-it-yourself guides for getting a US passport. From Passport Renewals to Child Passports, we have a guide for every type of passport application and answers to almost every question about passports and the passport application process. Getting a passport typically only happens every 10 years for most people, the rules and application processes are fluid and most likely will change during that time. We provide information about US Travel Programs and our general travel blog.

Online Passport Renewal Limited Availability
As of June 2024, the US Passport Agency is now beta-testing a completely online passport renewal system. You do the passport application through a government portal, no sending in documents. Read more here

Find a Passport Office Near You

Start by using the map below to locate passport offices in your local state and/or city. We have made the complete database of passport acceptance facilities available for you. There are thousands of acceptance agents located in almost every major city in the United States.

Select Location On The Map To View Passport Offices for that location

Expedited Passports

Before you retain a passport expediting company to help get your passport processed faster, be sure to do your homework. Do you really need an expediting company to get a passport for you? Is the expediter you’re going to use a reputable one? Can you just go to an acceptance agent and get your passport there? – Read our guide to Expedited Passports.

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