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Document Requests Pertaining to Research into Passport Courier Companies and the Hand Carry Courier Program

As this website is solely related to US Passports, the Passport Agency, and regulations and procedures encompassing this industry; and as an authority on the subject, I am doing a public interest story about the Department of State Hand Carry Program and government regulation of this industry.

Some of what I am looking for can be obtained by FOIA but if anyone is willing to share in order to save me time that would be great:

  • LOAs, any blank Letters of Authorization showing company names and addresses – I am looking to obtain a complete set for all Passport Offices.
  • Any dated DS4283s with any and all customer information redacted by either blacking or whitening it out.
  • Lists of registered couriers by each Passport Agency office.
  • Requests you have sent to Passport Agency offices requesting to be a hand-carry courier and any correspondence you have received about being on wait lists or general availability.
  • Any documented examples of favoritism towards any courier.


  • AdWords Auction Insights reports from your own AdWords accounts. (ideally in monthly increments)
  • top and absolute top impression rate metrics reports from your own AdWords accounts. (ideally in monthly increments)
  • Any non-privileged solicitation requests or correspondence requests for your company and/or the lease or purchase of your hand-carry courier slots by any company.
  • If anyone is willing to share some overall broad statistics regarding your business, I am looking at compiling and establishing industry averages: # of passports processed since October, as well as pre-pandemic, numbers cancellations, chargebacks, etc.
  • Notes, transcripts, summaries or video record of the any courier meetings in Washington DC (pre-pandemic) or other annual courier meetings at any agency location.
  • Any other public or non-privileged information that you wish to share regarding the Hand Carry Courier program or companies that operate in this industry.

You may contact me at

Update 1 – 3/10/22 – Removed specific requests for Denver, Philadelphia, and New York and list of registered courier by each agency as current lists were obtained.

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