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Passport Fees Increasing as of December 27th 2021

Starting on December 27th, 2021 – Passport Applications are increasing by $20. This applies to all new passport applications and renewals whether they’re for a child or adult. This will undoubtedly cause a lot of application suspensions because many people end up sitting on their applications for weeks or months before they finally send it in (especially for renewals) – In order to not have to be the increased passport fees, be sure to get your application postmarked or submitted directly to the passport agency by December 27th.

The reasons given are very vague, but as with everything costs for goods and services are going up. Passports are no different, but it’s a direct result of inflationary pressures and the current labor market. Our sources inside the State Department tell us that the companies that have the staffing contracts for the Passport Agency are having trouble retaining employees and finding new ones. 

Old Passport Fees: $110

New Passport Fees: $130

Old Child Passport Fees: $80

New Child Passport Fees: $100

Reference: Official Notice from the Department of State

As always, you can check all the current passport fees here on

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