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Passport Offices in Indiana

Looking to get a passport in Indiana, there are 167 local passport acceptance agent offices. Even though you cannot receive a passport onsite at the acceptance agents you will still be able to get your documents sealed and receive standard expediting (up to 3 weeks) if necessary.

Did You Know?  In 2015 there was an estimated 6,619,680 residents of Indiana and approximately 2.81% of those residents received passports. Total passport recipients in Indiana increased by 15,509 applications in 2015 from the prior year.

Indiana has no regional passport office located within the state. There are however, regional passport agencies in other states nearby. If you must visit a passport agency in person, the closest ones will be Chicago or Detroit.

If you do not need to visit an agency in person, Indiana has plenty of local passport offices or you can use a passport expediter.

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Cities with Passport Offices in Indiana

167 passport acceptance offices in 134 Indiana cities: these offices served an average of 1,115 Indiana residents each in 2013. Just click on a Indiana city and you can view all the passport offices in that city. At these local passport acceptance agents you can: apply for a passport, have your documents sealed, apply for a child passport, apply for passport renewal, or get help replacing a lost passport. The fastest you will be able to receive a passport at ANY of these local offices is 3 weeks.


Frequently Asked Questions About Passports in Indiana

How do I get a passport in Indiana?

Depending on what type of passport application you are doing, you will start filling out a passport application. You should fill it out online and print it.

  • If you are renewing your passport, you can just mail in your printed application.
  • For a new application or replacement passport application, you will need to visit a local passport office in Indiana, there are such passport offices spread out throughout the entire state. You will bring your application, supporting documents, and passport photos to an acceptance agent to seal your documents.

How quickly can you get a passport in Indiana?

Standard processing is currently 10-12 weeks, expedited service is 4-6 weeks. You can visit a regional passport office if you have proof of travel within 72 hours. It is currently not possible to get a passport faster through an expediting company.

How do I find a passport office in Indiana?

You can find the closest passport offices near you using our passport office locator or by selecting a city (from the list above) in Indiana near you.