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Passport Offices in Alaska

Looking to get a passport in Alaska, there are 45 local passport acceptance agent offices. Even though you cannot receive a passport onsite at the acceptance agents you will still be able to get your documents sealed and receive standard expediting (up to 3 weeks) if necessary.

Did You Know?  In 2015 there was an estimated 738,432 residents of Alaska and approximately 5.03% of those residents received passports. Total passport recipients in Alaska increased by 2,757 applications in 2015 from the prior year.

There are no regional passport facilities in Alaska. Residents only have a couple of options for getting a passport: They will need to visit a local office listed below which can get them their passport in 3 weeks to 8 weeks. Since visiting a regional facility is out of the question for Alaska residents, they can choose to hire a passport expediting service to hand carry their application to a regional office in another city. Unless the applicant is doing a renewal, page addition, or name change a visit to one of the local Alaska acceptance agents will also be necessary.
Alaska Passport Facts (see: Passport Statistics)
Passports issued in 2015 to Alaska residents: 37,134
Passports issued in 2014 to Alaska residents: 34,377
Passports issued in 2013 to Alaska residents: 34,604
Passports issued in 2012 to Alaska residents: 34,207
Passports issued in 2011 to Alaska residents: 33,587
Passports issued in 2010 to Alaska residents: 42,722
Passports issued in 2009 to Alaska residents: 41,637

45 passport acceptance offices in 42 Alaska cities: these offices served an average of 825 Alaska residents each in 2013. Just click on a Alaska city and you can view all the passport offices in that city. At these local passport acceptance agents you can: apply for a passport, have your documents sealed, apply for a child passport, apply for passport renewal, or get help replacing a lost passport. The fastest you will be able to receive a passport at ANY of these local offices is 3 weeks.