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Last Reviewed on March 16th, 2022

How to get a passport in Coventry, RI: Passport Offices & Application Process

Coventry Post Office
1550 Nooseneck Hill Rd
Coventry RI, 2816

In Coventry, Rhode Island there is only a single passport office location (e.g. acceptance agent). These passport offices are part of the application process for a new adult or child passport application. The Coventry passport office clerks are official "acceptance agents" for the Passport Agency and can witness your signature and seal your passport documents (if you do not need your passport application sealed then you do not need to visit an acceptance agent).

In addition to the 1 passport office in Coventry, there are (18) other passport offices in Rhode Island from which you can get a passport application sealed at. If you are not needing a passport for at least (4-6) weeks, you can visit the sole passport acceptance agent listed below the map on this web page. If you need it faster than that, please see: closest regional passport offices to Coventry, Rhode Island and Expedited Passport service options for Coventry.

Local passport offices are typically post offices, county clerk offices, and other government offices (Keep in mind: that not all county clerks, and not all post offices are acceptance agents). These local passport offices don't issue passports; the clerks (acceptance agents) at a local office can witness your signature and "officially" seal your passport application. There is a $35 fee for sealing your application and supporting documentation. Renewals do not need to visit an acceptance agent.

Passport Offices in Coventry Rhode Island

Showing the single passport office in Coventry:

Coventry Post Office

1550 Nooseneck Hill Rd
Coventry, RI 02816


Other passport offices near Coventry Rhode Island

Garden City Station - Cranston - 8.5 Miles
Scituate Town Clerk - North Scituate - 8.7 Miles
Warwick Post Office - Warwick - 8.8 Miles
Sterling Main Post Office - Sterling - 9.4 Miles
Providence Post Office (Elmwood) - Providence - 10.7 Miles
Greenville Post Office - Greenville - 11.4 Miles
Providence Post Office (Annex) - Providence - 12.3 Miles
Providence Post Office (Main Window) - Providence - 12.9 Miles
Plainfield Probate Court - Plainfield - 13.3 Miles
East Providence Finance Station - East Providence - 13.4 Miles

Regional Passport Offices Close to Coventry

These are passport issuing facilities. You will need to make an appointment and present proof of upcoming travel but in most cases, you will be able to get passport renewal, new passports, child passports, or a lost passport replacement Same Day or Next Day.

Boston Passport Agency - 47.5 Miles
National Passport Center - 90.7 Miles
Connecticut Passport Agency - 94.4 Miles
New York Passport Agency - 122.2 Miles
Philadelphia Passport Agency - 191.1 Miles

Coventry, Rhode Island Passport Forms & Application Guides

Getting a passport in Coventry is easy, it depends on what type of passport application you are doing and how quickly you need it processed. We've written the following passport guides, it doesn't matter if you are in Coventry or not as the process will be similar regardless of where you are, The standard passport processing times right now are 10 to 12 weeks to receive your passport.

* Anyone applying for a new passport in Coventry will need to visit a passport office.
* Please see regional passport offices close to Coventry, there is one less than 100 miles from Coventry.
* To renew your passport, you do NOT need to visit a passport office.

Please select the appropriate guide from the list:

Passport Renewal in Coventry

Just a quick note about passport renewals because it will save you a lot of time, money, and hassles. It doesn't matter where you are, if you are in Coventry or any other city in Rhode Island or any other state for that matter. If you have your old passport that is in good condition, it expired less than 5 years ago (or hasn't expired yet) and you are an adult - you can simply do your renewal paperwork online at the Department of State / Bureau of Consular Affairs and mail it in with new passport photos. It is currently taking 10-12 weeks standard processing or 4-6 weeks for expedited processing. If you need to renew it faster, you MUST have proof of travel and you must visit a regional passport office yourself, the closest ones to Coventry are listed below. If this is not possible or you want to avoid going there yourself, please only then consider using a passport expeditor.

Passport Service for Cities Near Coventry

Residents of the following cities that are close to Coventry can consider using the passport office services in Coventry for their passport application sealing needs.

Coventry Rhode Island, West Greenwich Rhode Island, West Warwick Rhode Island, East Greenwich Rhode Island, Exeter Rhode Island, Warwick Rhode Island, North Kingstown Rhode Island, Greenville Rhode Island, Foster Rhode Island, Providence Rhode Island, Plainfield Connecticut, Kingston Rhode Island, East Providence Rhode Island, Danielson Connecticut, Smithfield Rhode Island, Barrington Rhode Island, Seekonk Massachusetts, South Kingstown Rhode Island, Warren Rhode Island, Hopkinton Rhode Island

Passport Expediting in Coventry, Rhode Island

In a hurry and travelling soon? You can use a company that expedites passports in Coventry. Passport expediting companies charge their own set of fees for their service in addition to the government passport application fee and government expediting fee. The cost gets more expensive the faster your passport is needed and it's actually not any faster than visiting a regional passport office yourself. However, using an expediting service is highly convenient as you won't have to go to a regional passport office yourself (for any DS11 application, you will still need to visit a local acceptance agent to get your documents sealed).

Need it Fast? Expedite Now or Read more about 3rd Party Passport Expediting

Frequently Asked Questions About Passports in Coventry, Rhode Island

We make the passport application process easier and make getting a passport in Coventry simplier. Our guide to how and where to get a passport in Coventry contains all the passport office information you will need but often times there are still questions:

What is the application process of getting a passport in Coventry?

Getting a passport is pretty much the process same wherever you are, with most new passport applicants, the journey will start by going to a local acceptance agent; there is only one passport office in Coventry.
The basic process: fill out the DS-11 New Passport Application, take it with your proof of identity, passport photos, and passport fees to the only passport office in Coventry to witness your signature and seal the documents. Wait 10-12 weeks.
For complete in-depth details see: New Passport Application Guide

How fast can I get a passport in Coventry?

There are a couple of different methods to getting your passport processed, which route you choose will determine how fast your passport will be received. By going to a passport service office in Coventry, you have the choice between standard mail-in service (currently taking 10-12 weeks) or expedited mail-in service (takes 4-6 weeks).

While not down the street, the closest option for a passport-issuing facility is the Boston Passport Agency, it's not too far from Coventry and if you can provide proof of travel within the next seventy-two hours, you can make an appointment there and get a passport.

If you have trouble getting an appointment at the Boston Passport Agency, there are additional regional offices that are farther but may be options for you, see regional passport offices near Coventry.

How much does a passport cost in Coventry?

Unlike drivers licenses and state IDs, passports are a Federal (national) document, it costs the same no matter what city or state you are in, $130 ($165 with acceptance agent fee) for adult passports and $100 ($135 with acceptance agent fee) for child passports. There may be some additional fees and / or expenses that you might need to pay, please see passport fees for an explaination of all passport fees and costs.

Where to get passport photos in Coventry?

One of the most common questions we get asked is where "where should I get my passport photos taken at?" First, have a look at our in-depth passport photo guide so you know everything there is to know about passport photos. Here are the major stores that take and print passport photos near Coventry.

It is recommended that you call to confirm that your chosen location offers passport photos onsite.

Walgreens #11128 - Coventry - (2.4 mi)
Northwest Corner Of Hopkins Hill & Tiogue
875 Tiogue Ave
Coventry RI 02816
(401) 822-7602
Price: Cost at Walgreens locations: $14.99
CVS #621 - Coventry - (2.7 mi)
Photo Center
763 Tiogue Avenue
Coventry RI 02816
(401) 821-2060
Price: Cost at CVS locations: $14.99
Walmart Coventry Supercenter - (3.3 mi)
Photo Center
650 Centre Of New England Blvd
Coventry RI 02816
Price: Cost at Walmart locations: $7.44
CVS #852 - East Greenwich - (3.9 mi)
Photo Center
2250 New London Turnpike
East Greenwich RI 02818
(401) 821-3145
Price: Cost at CVS locations: $14.99
CVS #2323 - West Warwick - (4.3 mi)
Photo Center
1734 Main Street
West Warwick RI 02893
(401) 821-7428
Price: Cost at CVS locations: $14.99
CVS #397 - West Warwick - (4.4 mi)
Photo Center
1270 Main St
West Warwick RI 02893
(401) 822-2762
Price: Cost at CVS locations: $14.99
Walgreens #9995 - West Warwick - (4.4 mi)
Southeast Corner Of E. Greenwich & Cowesett
1 Cowesett Ave
West Warwick RI 02893
(401) 826-0879
Price: Cost at Walgreens locations: $14.99
CVS #5107 - East Greenwich - (5.8 mi)
Photo Center
1285 South County Trail
East Greenwich RI 02818
(401) 886-0902
Price: Cost at CVS locations: $14.99
CVS #2384 - West Warwick - (6.1 mi)
Photo Center
834 Providence Street
West Warwick RI 02893
(401) 821-3563
Price: Cost at CVS locations: $14.99
CVS #1414 - Cranston - (6.9 mi)
Photo Center
1195 Oaklawn Avenue
Cranston RI 02920
(401) 463-1971
Price: Cost at CVS locations: $14.99

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