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Chester County Justice Center: Passport Office in West Chester PA

Chester County Justice Center
201 W Market St
West Chester, PA 19382
Hours of Operation Shown in (EST)
8:30AM - 4:30PM
8:30AM - 4:30PM
8:30AM - 4:30PM
8:30AM - 4:30PM
8:30AM - 4:30PM

Handicap Accessible (ADA): Yes

Passport Photos: Yes, the Chester County Justice Center takes passport photographs onsite - Please review our guide to Passport Photos, it has a lot of great information about the specifics of passport photos. We have also compiled a list of places to get passport photos in West Chester.

West Chester Passport Office: Chester County Justice Center Location Overview

Chester County Justice Center is an acceptance agent/passport office. For passport service in West Chester, PA you can go here for passport help. Chester County Justice Center is a Court facility that is able to witness your signature and seal your passport documents - standard processing is 4-8 weeks. This office DOES NOT issue passports, they will send your passport forms directly to a regional passport facility. There is 1 other passport acceptance agent offices located in West Chester. Chester County Justice Center is located in West Chester County, Pennsylvania.

About Chester County Justice Center

Chester County Justice Center is not a passport issuance facility and you will NOT receive a passport on-site there. This facility is an acceptance agent, the Chester County Justice Center is sort of like a special notary for the Department of State / Passport Agency in which they can "Witness" your signature and officially "Seal" your application and documents. There is a separate $35 fee for this that is paid at the time of sealing.

Needs to visit an acceptance agent
New Passports Application (Child or Adult)
Lost / Damaged Passport Replacement

No Need to visit an acceptance agent
Passport Renewal
Passport Name Change Application

Passport Processing Times at Chester County Justice Center

Standard Processing - Because of Covid-19, the current processing times are 10-12 weeks after submitting an application.

Expedited Processing - You can pay an extra $60 when sealing your documents at Chester County Justice Center to get your passport quicker, typically in 4-6 weeks.

Emergency Processing - (NOT AVAILABLE at Chester County Justice Center): If you have proof of travel within 3 days you can request an emergency appointment at one of the regional passport offices close to West Chester. Also see our info about 3rd-party passport expediters.

Nearest Regional Passport Offices to West Chester, PA

Philadelphia Passport Agency - 21.5 Miles
New York Passport Agency - 87.7 Miles
Washington Passport Agency - 90.7 Miles

Passport Services Offered at Chester County Justice Center

Passport Forms - If you need to pick up a physical pre-printed application that you can fill out by hand, the Chester County Justice Center will have pre-printed passport forms. You may also get passport forms from our website and print them on your own printer.

Passport Document Sealing / Passport Application Signature Witness - Chester County Justice Center is an official Acceptance Agent as appointed by the Department of State. Certain municipal and postal employees at this location are authorized to "Witness" your signature (kind of like a notary).
NOTE: not required for passport renewals
Acceptance Agent fee is $35 (see more about Acceptance Agent Fees)

4-6 week passport expediting / 10-12-week standard passport service - These are the standard processing times for passports, please see processing times for Chester County Justice Center.

Passport Photos - They can take and print your passport photos on site, typically $10-15.

Chester County Justice Center Service Area Radius

This passport office is located in - Chester County and serves the passport needs for residents of other nearby zipcodes including: 19382, 19366, 19383, 19395, 19380, 19373, 19317, 19357, 19319, 19381, 19339, 19340, 19342, 19375, 19331, 19348, 19091, 19353, 19060

Frequently asked questions

How fast can I get a passport at Chester County Justice Center?

Chester County Justice Center does not issue passports, they are sent to a central processing facility, it will take at a minimum of 4 weeks if using expedited service and up to 12 weeks for standard processing.

I need a passport sooner than that, what are my options?

The closest passport agency isn't too far from West Chester, Philadelphia Passport Agency is only about 50 miles roundtrip from West Chester. This will be your best option for getting a passport quickly.

Does Chester County Justice Center charge for passports?

Chester County Justice Center is an acceptance agent, Chester County Justice Center does not issue passports – they do however charge the standard $35 acceptance agent fee to seal your documents, this is only required for new or replacement passport applications; renewals do not need to be sealed and thus no acceptance agent fee is required. Please see our detailed information on passport fees.

Can I get walk-in passport service at Chester County Justice Center?

If by walk-in service you mean get your passport there at Chester County Justice Center? Then no. They do not issue passports, you can get walk-in passport issuance at a regional passport facility only, not local acceptance agent facilities; passport are sent to a central processing location.

Does Chester County Justice Center do passport renewals?

If you have your expired or soon-to-be expired passport, it is in good condition and the validity period on your expired passport was for 10-years, then you do not even need to visit an acceptance agent. You can do your application online, print-it and send it in with new passport photos, the old passport, and the required passport fees. See our guide about passport renewals to renew your passport yourself.

Can Chester County Justice Center tell me about the status of my application?

No, they are acceptance agents and have nothing to do with the application once they witness your signature and seal your application. Once an application is in-process, Chester County Justice Center will not be able to assist any further.

Does Chester County Justice Center take passport photos?

Yes, you can get your passport photos taken there. Here are a list of additional locations in West Chester that takes passport photos.

What forms of payment does Chester County Justice Center accept?

You can pay for the acceptance agent fees and passport phtos (if you have them taken at Chester County Justice Center) with cash, check, debit card, or money order. Your passport application fees will be paid separately by check or money order only.