Rules for Passports and Middle Names – What to know for Travel Reservations and Security Regulations

Last Updated on December 15, 2020

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Suppose that your passport has your full birth name, but you book a flight (or someone did on your behalf) without using your middle name – is this a problem? Can you just use the first initial instead?

Airlines Rules for Exact Matched Names

In general, airlines specifically state that you have to book your airline ticket in the exact manner such that it matches your passport exactly or government issued ID. Post 9-11, the Department of Homeland Security developed ‘Secure Flight’, and necessitates passengers or possibly their agents to provide the full details of their name, gender, and date of birth when they book their flight. This makes it easier for officials to match passengers against suspected and recognized terrorists.

Sometimes Airline Ticket Names Can’t Be Entered Precisely

A name can’t always be entered exactly like it reads in your passport. In fact, the systems that airlines use have not actually changed over the last couple of decades regarding how you enter your name. Therefore, all that’s really important is the first and last name fields. Sometimes, even these two fields won’t match your passport name either.

For instance, someone that has a hyphenated last name or two last names, such as Baxter-Smith – will still be one very long word as it appears on the reservation, even if you place a space in between them: BAXTERSMITH. The same practice is applied even if you have two first names, such as Anna-Nicole, which turns into ANNANICOLE.

In truth, for many airlines, there is no field to even enter a middle name, only one field to enter ‘given names’ for entering both your first and middle name. However, these will also be united together, without a space.

Only First and Last Names are Important for Most of the World

For most of the world, including the U.S. and Canada, only the first and last names are all that truly matters. So, if you accidently skipped entering your middle name and plan on flying in the United States or Canada – relax, you’re fine. As long as both your first and last names are an exact match as they appear on your passport or government ID, you have nothing to worry about.

Throughout the rest of the world, in most cases, you’ll be okay as well. However, in order to retain peace of mind, it’s best to include your entire birth name, exactly as it’s listed on your passport (even though the hyphenated names or two names will automatically be fused together, no hyphen or space). Thanks to outdated computer systems, it’s just the way it is.

Super Long Name Issues

For some people, getting their entire name to fit is an issue if it’s really long. With any luck, there’ll be enough room to enter your entire last name. Most airlines will request that you enter just the first initial of your middle name if both the first and middle names will entirely fit in the given name fields. Just to be sure, it’s always best to check with the airline carrier prior to booking your paid or award ticket. This is the best course of action to take, especially if you’re unsure about what to do when booking a reservation with an airline other than the U.S.

Modifying Your Name

If you’ve already booked your flight with a U.S. airline, you shouldn’t have any problems, provided your first name and last name are correct. However, if you made a mistake entering either your first or last name, or you simply want your middle name entered in order to make you feel better, you can make amends or cancel free of charge (including paid or award tickets) within 24 hours of booking your flight.

NOTE: In the case of foreign airline carriers, note that this is not the case. It could get quite expensive if you have to cancel your flight and then rebook should you discover an error in your name that you anticipate may cause problems with the carrier.

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Middle names should be used on airline reservations when the middle name is on the passport. It is usually not a problem but you can’t completely rule it out.

Cancelling Your Ticket and Rebooking – Free of Charge

This exact scenario just happened for someone with an award ticket that was booked for an Award Booking Service client. Luckily, the supervisor was able to successfully void the said ticket, which was just booked, miles were immediately re-deposited, and then appropriately rebooked with the proper middle name. However, if this were tried at a later time, the regular fee would have been applied in order to redeposit miles and cancel the reservation.

Booking on Behalf of Someone Else

Need to book a flight on behalf of someone else? Be sure to properly enter their name as it appears on their passport. It’s quite easy to assume you know how to spell someone’s name. But, you may be surprised how many people are called by their middle name or even a different name altogether rather than what’s stated on their passport or standard driver’s license. Do it the foolproof way, copy it letter-for-letter right off their passport or ID in order to be as accurate as possible when booking their flight.

Do I Need to Use my Middle Name on the Passport Application?

It “should” match what is on your birth certificate and your state issued ID (Drivers License) – however I have personally seen exceptions to this rule. YMMV – just don’t hold me to it if it doesn’t work out for you. If you try to leave your middle name off and are asked to resubmit your application, you will just need to resubmit the application without any additional cost.

Parents: Avoid Giving Your Children Hyphenated Names

Even though it’s quite common nowadays to combine the last names of parents into a hyphenated last name for the sake of their kids, take into account the rest of the name as well. The more complex and longer the name, the longer it will take to correctly type it and therefore increase the chance of making a mistake. Some parents have been known to create a new last name that’s just one word for their children that unites their two last names. Or, in some cases, the mother’s last name was used for the children, which is quite rare from the standard practice of automatically giving children their biological father’s last name. As far as the middle name is concerned, some parents delete it altogether. Who says you must have a middle name? So, remember this principle when naming your children.

Ever have any issues with certain airline carriers due to a problem with your middle name?

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89 thoughts on “Rules for Passports and Middle Names – What to know for Travel Reservations and Security Regulations

  1. Dear Scott, thank you for your article it was quite helpful however I would have an extra question. My name Hyphenated name is: Michel-Alexandre. With the booking agency I was only able to have: Michel-Alexan Vantomme on my booking. Would people at the airport consider this whole as a first name? or would they consider the Alexan as my second name?
    Will they stop me? Flight is from Europe to South Africa with a stop in the middle east.

    Thank you for your feedback!


    1. Alex,

      Since I am responding so late to this, I hope to presume you had your trip to South Africa and that everything went OK at ALL airports. As for the name, I don’t think you will have any problems. It matches enough, and you could also try booking your flights with that abbreviated name and not have any problems either.


  2. Hello Scott, I sure hope you can help me. I am going on a cruise in Sept.16. I have never had a passport. I sent off for my birth certificate as I was advised to first. When I received it back my I find out that first name was spelled Debora. So I booked a cruise in that name as I was told it must match my birth certificate. Next step was to get passport. But now I need another form of ID as well as a birth certificate and both my drivers license and social security are spelled Debra as I have spelled it for the last 50 yrs of my life. I would really appreciate any advise you have for me as to how to go about this issue. Thank you in advance.

    1. Debra or should I say Debora…. You legal name as printed on your birth certificate is Debora but as you state for the last 50 years it has been incorrect. I would suggest you legally change your name to Debra and once you do you will have all a legal document stating as such.

  3. Hello Scott! I have question coz I am really worried for my flight. I have two first names – Aileen Christian and I only put Aileen for my first name on my ticket. Will I have any problem with that? Or is that okay? Please please reply I need your answer. Thank you

  4. Dear Scott,

    Thank you very much for the informative article. I have a quick question. If I have multiple middle names (eg: Sita Rama) and if the airline insists on middle name, should I enter “S” or “SR” or “S R” in the given field?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. What is the name on your passport? If it’s listed as (Sita Rama) you should use “S R” in the middle name field.

  5. Auto flight check in machines at las Vegas airport will not issue boarding cards to passengers with middle names if they are not shown on e ticket, it will issue card saying that the booking does not match passport details,, and you must see agents, even if you used full names at time of booking.

    1. David, thanks for your input. I’ll see if I can get any more information on how the automated ticketing machines match up names.

  6. My issues at the moment is that when you are born in PR, automatically they add both parent’s last name. Father 1st and Mother 2nd.

    1st time I apply for my son’s passport he was around 10yrs old, at the post office I was told I didn’t need to add the 2nd last name. Now that he is 19, I had to reapply for a new passport and got a letter stating that they decided to add the 2nd last name to his passport.

    The issue now is that when I was making airline reservations I wrote all the info from the the 1st passport ( 1st last name only); would have never crossed my mind that I was going to receive a corrected passport 1 month after I made reservation and to top it off, I just noticed this 3 days before flying. I’m hoping and praying that the airline can fix this.

  7. What happened if you have no middle name in your re entry visa but in your passport you have your middle name

    1. You shouldn’t have any issues, the Visa was already approved and you’ve been vetted by the country you are visiting.

  8. my middle name in my visa as an additional of one letter which is not in my other certificates and my passport what should i do?:

    1. What country is the visa for and I assume you have a US Passport? The country issuing the Visa has already vetted you and reviewed all your paperwork – there wouldn’t be any additional scrutiny when you go to visit. You had to send your passport in to get the visa, the country knows who you are, and most likely trying to get them to change it will be a major confusion.

  9. My passport name is ridiculously long because of my middle name (de los Angeles) and 2 last names (single & married names). My drivers license only has one initial and one last name. I have been using my drivers license for domestic travel with the shorter name and since all of my mileage accounts have the shorter name. However, just yesterday I got Global entry/TSA approved with the passport name. I was told that it all have to match exactly which as you state – doesn’t fit 1/2 the time. Do you think I could drop my middle name officially & try to change my name in my social security & passport?

    1. Elizete, according to the Social Security Administration ( the middle name is not part of your legal name. However you may need to legally change your name should you choose to drop it as it will always be apart of your individual profile with all government agencies. When applying for a passport, you can submit your name change documents and leave the middle name off of the passport application.

  10. Hi!
    My question is I had a niece born in the Philippines. She is a Registered Nurse and currently working. The problems is she don’t have middle name. She try to applied to saudi, UAE she can’t get it because she don’t have middle name. All her paper like passport w/out middle name school credentials too. She just bring first and last name. Because father issue. Is there a problem when she apply for Canada or U.S.
    She like a daughter to me please help me.

    1. Theresa, it appears your asking a question about immigration to the US? Or perhaps a visa for the US? I am not familiar with those aspects but I suspect that as long as all of her paperwork / vital statistics document don’t have a middle name than not having a middle name on the application won’t be an issue.

  11. Scott, Thank you for all the help and advice your giving us. My problem is I received my new passport (the other expired 10yrs ago) They added my middle name. Now my flight to Europe has only my first and last name. I’m bringing my DL which has only my First and Last and a photocopy of my expired passport which also has only my first and last. Will this be enough?

  12. I am going to Mauritius from India by Air Mauritius in Jan and have booked tickets through agent. He has booked my name as Rohansukumar Shah but the name on passport is Rohan Sukumar Shah. Will there be any issue and if yes what is the procedure to change name

    1. Rohan, you will be ok with the spelling the way it is – they simply combined the first and middle name and it shouldn’t cause any issues.

  13. Hi Scott,
    My plane ticket is under Consuelo Wenke
    my legal name is Consuelo Guerrero Wenke that is how it appears on my passport. I dont have a middle name. The Guerrero is actually my maiden name. Will that be okay or should I get Guerrero added to the ticket? Our son’s legal name and how it appears on passport is Niell Luca Guerrero Wenke .. his ticket is Niell Wenke…. do I need to change his as well.

  14. Hi scott,

    I recently booked a flight yesterday on Turkish Airline but unfortunately I forgot to remove my middle name from the ticket however I usually buy the ticket using only my First Name / Last Name and well where i live *Lebanon* our middle name is Father’s name and i already has my father name on my passport but its written in Arabic . So my question is do you think i’ll be on trouble while boarding or everything should be fine? even tho my ticket passenger name holding *firstnamemiddlename surename*.

  15. Hi Scott, I booked a ticket for my son. Passport say “John Andrew Smith”, eticket says only John Smith. The travel agent says that is fine. I am not so sure. Its an international flight. Thanks.

  16. My son has booked a flight ticket for me. He has booked it under my first name. I have 4 christian names and I am called by my middle name. My passport is signed by my middle initial although all my names are on my passport. Is this ok please?

  17. Hi Scott,

    I will be travelling next week from portugal to philippines, in my e ticket i dont have my mother’ name, it is just my first name and my last name which is my father’ surname. but unfortunately in my passport, both my mother’s and father’s name is in there as my surname. In portuguese law, the surnmame of your mother and your father will be inhirited by the children and it will appear on goverment IDs and passports. Do you think it will be a problem?

  18. Hi Scott,
    When I remarried several years ago, I had my driver’s license change to reflect my prior married name as my middle name due to my minor child. My driver’s license, passport, GOES card and concealed carry permit all read this way. I would like to go back to using my middle name as my child is no longer a minor and should be able to change my driver’s license back right away due to our recent move. I’m not sure what I will need to change my middle name back on my passport, GOES card and concealed carry permit. Any advise would be appreciated.

  19. Hey Scott I just noticed on my passport that my middle name is not on my passport at all. Do you think I should re apply or is that okay. My birth certificate says my full name.

  20. Hi, I have a similar problem, booked a flight to the US for my niece she has several middle names but only one (the last of her four middle names) appeared in the booking. Will we be ok?

  21. Hi Scott, I am a resident alien (GreenCard holder) and have recently legally changed my Last name to my married name and adopted part of my maiden name as my Middle name. I have booked a ticket to Mauritius under my new legal name in the US (First, Middle, Last names) while going through the process of updating my name on my Mauritian passport. However, I was notified today that Mauritius does not recognize Middle names and my passport will only reflect my first and new last name. Do you think this discrepancy will be an issue with TSA, USCustoms and Border protection or the airlines?
    Sorry about the lengthy explanation. Can you be reached directly for any follow ups? Appreciate your time and take on it. Thank-you much.

  22. My daughter got my ex boyfriend last name and we don’t talk but I would like to put my last name as one of the middle , if I do that would I have problem at the airport , but if they see my daughter got my last name as one of the middle am sure I shouldn’t have issues traveling

  23. Hi Scott booked a holiday to Greece through on the beach .com however only asked for first and last name on line I have just noticed my middle name s are on my passport I am travelling with Thomas cook airlines will this be ok to travel without middle names

  24. Hi Scott, how important is the middle name against Canadian passport? On my son’s passport, Jason Andrei (first and second name) but no middle name but when I book the ticket with middle name on it, same thing for my mom, will it cause a problem in our flights? this is an International flight. please advise. thanks!

  25. All of my old Canadian passports showed first, middle and last (married) name. Except my last one. I dropped the middle name. Its time to renew. Should I enter my middle name on form. Or does it not matter.

  26. I just had to change the dates of my flight with Malaysia Airlines at a cost of £300 which I think is a lot. Then I said that I had left my middle name off my booking form and could they add that on so it matched my passport. They want £75 to do that. Can I travel if I don’t change my booking detail?
    Many thanks

  27. Hi Scott I booked a ticket with first name varinder and last name kumar.
    On my passport my name is
    Surname: –
    Given name: varinder kumar
    Will it be a issue?

  28. Hey! I have a clarification. I am from India. My given name is Madhumitha and Surname is Girija Sundararaman, according to my passport. Technically Girija is my middle name.
    In my i20 that i obtained from a US University, says my surname is Sundararaman and given name is Madhumitha Girija. Hence the passport name column is Sundararaman Madhumitha Girija.

    Will this be considered as a mismatch between i20 and passport? Would love some clarification over this.

  29. Hi Scott,
    I’ve a middle name but I forgot to wrote it on my passport application, so will it be a problem??

  30. Hey Scott
    I have a different middle name on my passport then on my current license, when I got my passport years ago I used a different middle name. So, when I moved to a different state I put my middle name on my Ss card on my license for this state I live now. I need to renew my passport however my DL shows a different middle name. Do they care that much on middle names, can I send in my renewal with my other middle name that’s on my license.? How bout just a middle initial on my passport renewal, is there a form I could use to fix this if I showed them a copy of my license or SS card.

    Much appreciated

  31. Hi i hope you can get back to me before saturday, June 24.. I book the flight via Avianca (International Flight) with my Married Name Gloria Aviles-Howard and my password only shows Gloria Aviles – they told me i will have to cancel the flight and rebooked that they cannot change the names.. any advise on what can i do…

  32. Hi Scott,
    Flying to US to Spain. Son’s name on passport is Luis Alfonso Santos Pinto.
    E-Ticket just has Luis Alfonso Pinto.
    Santos is his mom’s “maiden name”.
    Do you think we would have a problem with TSA?
    Thank you!

  33. Hi Scott,
    There is something I would like to clarify regarding my Husband plane ticket and the existing ticket will be refunded I booked it through Expedia Uk I have made a mistake with his second given name initial B. They said the airline will be issuing a new ticket and the existing ticket will be refunded. This will cost me $200.00. Will this be correct we will be travelling by October 2017.It will be much appreciated if I can receive a reply from you. Thanks a lot.
    Kind regards,

  34. Hi Scott,
    I am sorry its me again Gigi I didnt explain regarding the given name of my Husband I have made a mistake that I put the letter B as his middle name that is why they will be issuing a new ticket.. This is my main enquiries.
    Thanks again,

  35. Hi Scott, I booked a vacation package from the US to Mexico for my family and when I entered in my mother’s name I only listed her married last name Garcia. However, her passport has her maiden and married last name hyphenated Wincher-Garcia. Do I need to change the ticket?

  36. Hi Scott,
    I booked a vacation package for my family from the US to Mexico, and when I entered in my mother’s info I only used her married last name Garcia. However, on her passport her maiden and married last name are hyphenated as Wincher-Garcia. Is this going to cause problems?

  37. Hi Scott, I am not sure if you have receive my query regarding mu Husband it was booked with Expedia UK from October 6 2017. I made a mistake I put his second given name as his Middle name just putting initial. Is that correct the airline will charge me $200.00 for issuing a new ticket and the recent one will be refunded. I will be waitng for you reply.

  38. Hello Scott
    In my case, My son Name FN is UMAIR and LN is Ahmad, he doesn’t have any middle name. The agent put “Inf” as the middle name to declare implicitly that this passenger is INFANT. In this case, will I face any type of problem during check- in? My trip in on August 12, 2017.

  39. hi Scott, my son’s middle name on his passport was missing of 4 characters, is that be okay as we are traveling international soon? thanks!

  40. hi, so i booked my ticket under Aqsa Khan but my surname on passport says Naeem and my passport shows my dads name which is ‘Naeem Khan’

    will it be a problem?? my drivers license and government id show it as Aqsa Naeem Khan so Khan is a part of my name as well.

    please help

  41. Hi Scott,
    I booked a ticket with Qantas. Qantas only asks for the First Name and Last Name when booking. I have 2 First names (Gian Carla), Last Name is Reyes. So my full name is Gian Carla Reyes. in my eticket I only put Gian Reyes (without Carla). Would this be an issue during check-in? Thank you!

  42. Hi Scott,
    I am flying from Australia to Hong Kong later this week. I just noticed that my travel agent only put down “Jenny Tomms” as my name, so that is what my e-ticket has. But my passport has “Jenny Alice Tomms” on it (with middle name). The site says the ticket must match the ID. So will this be a problem? I am really worried!
    Thank you

  43. Hi Scott , I want to go abroad, but my problem is I don’t have a middle name. Are they going to give me a passport?

  44. Middle initial is entered in the birth certificate instead of the full middle name . is it unacceptable in getting a passport sir?

  45. Hi Scott very helpful article. . But I have a question I booked a flight to new York with Norwegian Air, on their website and filled in the names as instructed ( as appears on our passports) both first and second names then surname… when then checking the confirmation I noticed that both first and second names shown as first names …… could this be an issue.?
    Kind regards Mark

  46. Hi scott
    I booked e ticket from cheapoair for my mom, her last name is two part in passport as motalebi khameneh. unfortunately, in her ticket just has been written her first name and one part of last name “Motalebi” I donot know what will happen in airport

  47. I booked a ticket for my husband and daughter they both have two names Michael Evan and Bella Antonette . While typing on name info it will only write as Michael and Bella .is there gonna be problem at all.? Or it ts gonna be ok?

  48. My wife’s passport has her first name, middle initial and last name, the air ticket includes the full middle name (not the just initial), this is for flights to and from Italy. Will there be a problem?

  49. Hi Scott we’ve booked flights with Ryanair and I’ve suddenly realised when checking in that I’ve not included our middles names as on the passport. They ask for first name and surname when booking? Will this be ok or will we have to pay £210 for change of name?

  50. HI Scott thanks for the info. Is hyphen still not an issue? going to decide to fly internationally. also my passport has hyphenated first name whereas my Green card doesn’t is this and issue when going back to US?

  51. Hi I’m due to travel on 19th October 2017 my air ticket doesn’t have my twin boys middle names will they be ok to travel. I’m so worried. Tganks5

  52. Hi Scott,
    My baby name is DS.Aathav Nandhan where D – Dhivya and S – Santhosh.
    How to provide the same in passport?
    Which one? Should we have middle name expanded for sure in passports?
    Given Name :
    1. Aathav Nandhan + Dhivya (Middle name) or
    2. Aathav Nandhan D or
    3. Aathav ND
    Surname – Santhosh.

  53. Hi Scott I’m freaking out here. On my daughter’s passport her surname has hyphen – it is read as Al-Mashhadani but when i booked her ticket I wrote it as Al Mashhadani and just seen it now. Would it be a problem? It’s international flight :(

  54. Hi scott, i booked a ticket for my daughter, from canada to philippines . I accendentaly put my middle name on her booking ticket on her passport no middle name only First and Last Name that is my big mistake!.?please help me? Thanks..

  55. I booked a flight on United Airlines from Tampa to Ottawa & return for Feb. 2018. My husband and I hold Canadian passports (born in Canada) but our passports do not show our middle names while United’s flight reservations do. Will we have a problem when we try boarding for our trips. We will be travelling to Florida on Dec. 27/17 by motorhome but need to return to Ontario for 24 hours for medical travel insurance coverage under the Federal Retirees Retirement Medical Plan which covers us, free of extra costs for 40 days, including even stable existing pre-conditions, for which we are so thankful? But again will we have problem boarding our flights with our Canadian passports showing no middle initials, although we do have health and drivers licences that show our middle initials(

  56. Hi Scott what happens I accidentally added my husband’s last name to his middle name in the box where it asked for the middle name? The lbox where the last name and first name are filled out correctly except for the Middle Name I somehow added his name and his correct Middle name. Would that be an issue on boarding?

  57. Hi Scott!
    I recently bought a ticket and i dont know how my middle name “Andrea” was cut to “An”, so my plane ticket says: Claudia An Arangua Gonzalez
    When in reality should say : Claudia Andrea Arangua Gonzalez
    Do you think this could be a problem?
    Thank you so much for your article and your answers!

  58. The ticket accidentally put my first name as a middle name. So it read, Sandra Sandra White. Is this going to be a problem? My passport listed first, middle, and last name listed. My actual middle name is Nataprawira.
    I’ve been having a hard time getting the agent to correct the ticket to match it or even to remove the middle name completely… I’d hate to pay cancellation pay and rebooking at a higher price. Do you think it’ll be a problem with the international travel?

  59. My friend booked a flight for me and put me down as the name I am known by – Anne Evans. However my name on my passport is Patricia Anne Evans. Will I need to change my name on booking to Patricia Evans or will the airline accept my middle name

  60. I have my first and last name on my booked plane ticket by an agency…..but on my passport I have two last names???? could there be a problem???

  61. Hi Scott, When i first applied passport for my son, I didnt notice that red star (for mandatory field) is only for First & Last name and NOT for middle name. But I gave the middle name in the passport application. Now the given name is longer because they combined first & middle name. Now, Is there any way to take off the middle name in passport? I would like to keep his middle name in birth certificate. Please advice.

  62. Hi Sir Scott, I have one question to you. I have been accepted as Assistant Manager at Saudi Arabia, my question is there any problem with me cause I don’t have middle name on my documets like passport. I heard that a person who doesn’t have middle name couldn’t through at Saudi Arabia. Thank you so much. Hoping for your immediate response. God bless!

  63. Hi Scott, My uncle has booked a ticket to Europe for me. He says that Europe is very strict on names and that the name on the boarding pass and passport should be exactly the same. On my boarding pass, it is:
    “Thidalack Thida Phadoungsyavong” and my Passport is “Thidalack Phadoungsyavong”

    My middle name and first name is practically the same (weird I know)
    Will this be any issue at all? I have read a lot on issues with no middle name included in boarding pass, but my situation is reversed. He cannot change the name on the boarding pass at all.

    Will I be okay?

  64. Hi Scott, we will be travelling to Philippines on August and i already booked our flights with my family. My son’s Canadian passport is Theo Paroginog ( given names), Tolentino ( family name). But when i checked in his e-ticket, it has only appeared as Theo P Tolentino. We are flying with AirChina, are we going to face problem on this issue? Please let me know! Thank you

  65. HI Scott,
    I booked a roundtrip ticket with on a Lufthansa flight which United operates from ORD to EDI. The agent failed to add my middle name (which is on my passport). They tell me Lufthansa doesn’t need to change it but United says the travel agent must change it. Will I be able to use this ticket? The travel agency isn’t being helpful Thanks in advane for any guidance

  66. Can someone answer me this question my daughter fill in her application for her passport as Deandra Trudy Elena Martinez but now her passport came back as Deandra Elena trudy Martinez should I be worried.

  67. Hi my eticket to Australia in December reads Edward Brophy but my passport reads Edward Anthony Brophy is there a problem with this.
    I am flying with Qantas.
    Many thanks

  68. Hi Sir, I just want to know if it is okay that there’s no middle initial when applying for passport application?

  69. Hi there,
    I have booked a flight to Vegas and i have just read my confirmation email and it has my surname on there twice for instance Catherine lynch lynch. I already have my ESTA will this be a problem?


  70. Hello. My friend is planning to apply/get a passport but she is an elligitimate child not recognized by the father is there a possibility that she may encounter some problems or the worse is she can’t a passport. By the way Im from the Philippines. Please answer my question for the sake of my friend.

  71. What happened if you have no middle name in your canada entry visa but in your passport you have your middle name.

  72. I got my passport back n the Middle name was wrong
    So I sent it back in Nov. 11th n still haven’t gotten it back n I leave the end of Jan 29th..
    They sent me papers to fill out n sign 4 times now n still No passport n its Jan.3rd I payed 50.00 out already to get it to them faster n pictures n birth certificate 4 times..
    This is so ridiculous cause it’s taken forever…

  73. Hi Scott,
    My travel agent booked flight tickets to Italy under my first name, middle initial, and last name, however, my middle name is spelled out on my passport and drivers license. The agent has advised me that in order to avoid boarding issues, there will be a $75 fee to have my middle initial spelled out on the ticketed flight to match my passport and ID. My question: Is it absolutely mandatory to make this correction?

  74. My airline ticket has first and last name, but the passport has an extended last name; in other words, practically two last names. What would you suggest? Please reply. Thank you.

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